Summer sum up


Summer sum up

Summer has covered all bases for us up and down the country; venue and bar fit outs, creative staging and event design, experiential marketing, brand activation, props and some great media coverage…

 As the trees outside were turning green we were busy firing our metaphorical nature gun, to turn the interior green of a down town back alley urban space into what is known now as The Wilderness. The fine dining restaurant in Birmingham moved to a permanent home to serve contemporary British dishes with a theatrical edge and we worked closely with the creative mind behind it Alex Claridge to provide a suitably wild, contemporary and theatrical interior. Moss walls, indoor rain and a leafy canopy grew into the unique space to an amazed response from customers praising its escapism, as well as boosting turnover with this new heavily talked about brand. Leaving the gritty side alleys of Birmingham to somewhere much more wild…

Imagining Rio next, we designed and built a life size colourful favela set for the Bestival x Weird Science show Carnival Magnifico, with a brief completely different to the decor we created for their MADE Festival; to create a carnival inspired colourful stage with performers, to be toured around the country and beyond. From start to finish in 10 days, the brain melting activity of labelling and piecing together the jigsaw of 84 panels, 2 balconies, 22 roof blocks, 24 windows and countless details all disappeared when the carnival dancers, fire breathers and DJ’s took to the stage, we’ve never felt more like we were in the middle of Rio Carnival…we needed to cool down with some ice cream.

Cornetto got in touch with us about their event with Little Mix in Waterloo. Working with our partner company Don’t Fret Media, to win the campaign we came up with concepts for art direction and branding to add to the look and feel of the event. We crafted staging complete with brand activation light boxes and our take on the #makeamove tagline for the event; a giant heart doubling up as the Walls logo in our signature colourful style. The stage was installed in two halves in a lightning quick hour becoming a metaphor for the day as we split our resources in half and also dropped a giant metal and perspex cube into the Bullring, Birmingham for an experiential marketing event curated for The Alchemist cocktail bars. Another structure to be toured after the initial live event featuring The Alchemist himself theatrically brewing up class cocktails inside while the public watched in awe. We deserved a beer after that day…

A Coors Light bar in Worcester was our next venue fit out for Sin nightclub. Coming up with a crisp, icy concept to keep brand consistency while adding an exciting projection mapped backdrop, the nightclub has a fresh looking contemporary bar that may eventually see the Red Bull drinks containers we put our tropical spin on earlier in the summer that were sent to nightclubs up and down the country.

Towards the end of the summer we have been featured in Festival insights, documenting ‘our story’, Stand Out Magazine  (Print) for our Carnival Magnifico stage, and The Business Desk (here) and Business Insider (here) for our growth story.

We are looking forward to the winter season with plenty of unique and vibrant projects to get stuck in on…watch this space.

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